Maintaining ponds to prevent them silting up. Dead wood is generally left when it falls in the forest, as it provides a valuable habitat. Despite the evacuations, 19 people were killed by the eruptions as a small group of people chose to stay behind to watch over their crops. Wood can be gained while the tree’s alive, and it can be re-planted once dead. This site uses cookies. A hydrothermal feature at Yellowstone.

Kindertransport – Case Study. Indian Ocean Tsunami – Case Study. The Lake District – Case Study. These habitats are preserved by not chopping down the tree. Preserving the herd of fallow deer.

yellowstone case study bitesize

Location and Other General Stuff Epping Forest is an ancient deciduous yelloqstone that runs north-east of London on a high gravel ridge. Volcanic activity has calmed down in recent years and people have begun to return to the island.

Has been managed by the City of London Corporation since then. It would spark climate change that might trigger a mini-ice age due to the amount of sulphur dioxide thrown into the atmosphere and reflecting solar radiation.

It covers an area of about 2, ha hectares and is about 19 km long and 4km wide. Montserrat is a small island in the Caribbean. An example of a composite volcano is Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.


The large volume of material from the last Yellowstone eruption caused the ground to collapse, creating a depression called a caldera. Why do people live close to volcanoes?

Bulgaria and Ireland – Case Study. Supervolcanoes are eruptions and explosions of catastrophic proportions, on the Volcano Explosivity Index VEI supervolcanoes are an 8 on a scale that runs from 1 to 8.

yellowstone case study bitesize

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What is a supervolcano? Cotton Tree Lodge – Case Study. This is thousands of times larger than normal volcanic eruptions. Changing a way of life — Homes would be destroyed; air, road and rail biteisze and transport would grind to a halt, water supplies would be contaminated — life as we know it would change radically and survival would become increasingly difficult.

When considering the Yellowstone supervolcano, one of, if not the largest supervolcano in the World, the effects could be catastrophic and change the face of the planet as we know it. What are the main features of a volcano? The most intense eruptions occurred in The last eruption wasyears ago, and was 1, times bigger than the Mount St Helens eruption yllowstone Pyroclastic event — Everything within a mile radius at least of the eruption yellowstne be destroyed.

Pollarding Pollarding involves cutting trees at about shoulder height, above the level of browsing by animals such as deer. Yellowstonne small population of the island 11, people was evacuated in to the north of Montserrat as well as to neighbouring islands and the UK.


Supervolcanoes Case Study (Yellowstone)

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Volcanoes menu What is a volcano? Dead wood is generally left when it falls in the forest, as it provides a valuable habitat. Also other natural environments including grasslands and marshes. Old Faithful is one yelllowstone of a geyser. During this time, Montserrat was devastated by pyroclastic flows.

Supervolcanoes Case Study (Yellowstone) | Handy Geography

The calderas are so large they can be seen from space. Antarctica – Case Study. Calderas are formed when the magma chamber of a supervolcano collapses after an eruption leaving a large bowl shape in the ground. Global famine and mass starvation would be inevitable.

Mauna Loa is a shield volcano. Composite volcanoes have the following characteristics:

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