Writing a draft in advance will also help you make sure your responses fit within the character limits. Watch out for spelling mistakes spellcheck isn’t always your friend — especially if your default language is American English. Keep margins and fonts consistent. To arrange this, provide your consent for VTAC to verify your benefits with Centrelink through the scholarships application. Annual appeal Employer matching program Leaving a bequest Major gifts and gifts in kind Get involved.

Keep in mind that your statement should be relevant to and demonstrate your commitment and interest in the course or study area you’re applying for. Keep it sharp, to-the-point and relevant. Check your spelling and grammar. Your answer in this section should be generally applicable to all of your course preferences. The impact of the circumstances focuses on how it affected your education or daily life:. Be creative with your language, but not overly verbose. The following example shows you the difference between briefly describing the circumstances and then describing the impact:.

Include any voluntary work or activities, as these are a great reflection of who you are as a person and what you believe in. Your personal statement could be the oetter between you getting a place at Deakin or missing out. Research Become a research student Why choose Deakin?

vtac cover letter

Use this section to direct specific comments to any course on vfac preference list. If you don’t quite meet your course entry requirements or criteria, it’s an alternative way for our admissions team to assess your application and learn more about you and your strengths.

If you have experienced any disadvantage during your studies you should make a SEAS application. It may seem obvious, but getting your spelling and grammar right is important. In most cases, you should only submit a VTAC Personal Statement if it is listed under essential requirements coveg admission criteria in the course information for any of the preferences on your VTAC course application.


You should list your achievements, work experience, skills and any obstacles you’ve overcome. You can also check if the institutions have any specific requirements regarding petter to include.

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Home Am I eligible? It is a good idea to write a draft of your responses first so that what you ultimately submit is written to the best of your abilities and includes all relevant details.

See Dates and fees.

A personal statement should be well-written and in straightforward English. All applicants are asked to describe how a scholarship will benefit your studies in 1, characters. You may outline any circumstances that have affected your academic performance in your VTAC Personal Statement; however, if you have experienced any circumstances of disadvantage you should also consider submitting the Special Entry Access Schemes SEAS application.

vtac cover letter

You can use the last section to direct specific comments to individual courses. The majority of your Personal Statement, such as your general statement, work experience, and language proficiency, should be broad enough to cover all of your course preferences. If you don’t your application will not be considered. This section will ask about languages you are familiar with other than English. You will be asked for details about your roles including where and when you held the role and the duties your performed, with space provided for you to make comments on each role.

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If your parent or guardian receives Centrelink benefits or the Family Tax Benefit.

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Animal ethics Biosafety and biosecurity Human ethics Radiation safety. Annual appeal Employer matching program Leaving a bequest Major gifts and gifts in kind Get involved.

Keep it sharp, to-the-point and relevant. If they are incorrect, Centrelink will not release your information and your application will be ineligible for consideration. So don’t be afraid to gloat!

You might like to address your motivation for undertaking each course, and any employment goal covet experience that is specific to a particular course.

Focus on your experience. Stick to the format. When completing your scholarships application, you may be required to provide evidence. How to prepare Open Day Orientation Guidance for parents and caregivers.


A statement of support is required for some questions in the SEAS application and must be provided by a ‘responsible person’. The combined online statement of support must be submitted by the SEAS and scholarships closing date. Allow yourself time to revise and refine, getting rid of any information that’s superfluous or repeated.

vtac cover letter

Use this section to explain your motivation in applying for tertiary study.

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