For example, the thought that came to mind while reading this post is will they upgrade Endnote web in such a way that limits the library of I have built in its current version? That said I have used Zotero on and off and am using it now for a collaborative project, I do like the way it works well with webpages and news and images. I love Sente too. I would add the following: I can use DOI to automatically import a citation.

Your individual stuffs nice. So i keep a record of my citations imported using the Chrome importer , make notes, and attach PDFs. Citavi adds knowledge-management and facilitates writing in a way that does no other I abandoned Mac before Papers, though, so Papers may be great here, too. Sente was the best for quick responses, but that was only in my experience and from a couple of years ago. If you use Firefox as your default browser, I strongly recommend installing and using it inside Firefox, as it is much easier. Often these are not properly done in the first place honestly — I really do wonder what we pay those journal publishers for. How to get started with a citation manager Candidacy Exams:

I store all files, virtual machines, installer files for software i only have thewis versions licensed on, and then all my settings files for applications so i dont have to reconfigure everything when i switch devices. Mendeley sounds tempting, but somewhere, perhaps in an earlier post, I read that it has the same problem of removing highlighting from PDFs.

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Endnote bugged out and turned all my odd references into gibberish instant coronary!!! Whisperrr had a very similar experience with Endnote. Once the items are in the Zotero collection, the researcher can make use of them in the writing process. Zotero is readily available on their website and can be downloaded easily.


It is a challenge to sit at the desk everyday and write the manuscript you have been working on for the last months or years. Seems as though its either Papers2 or Sente! I still use endnote and word and share project bibliographies with many on share drive and Dropbox. When installing Zotero, you will be prompted to install a Word or LibreOffice extension. So fantastic — we live in the future right? It also has a sharing bit that i can send links from safari, slack, chrome, pocket, and most other apps to add a task to my list in one click.

I have four different work places. Notability for ipad, iphone, and mac — this has been the only handwriting, notetaking, and document annotating app i have stuck with for more than a few weeks.

I use Evernote on my iPad to take digitally enriched notes from workshops or meetings. I blasted the folks at Endnote over the phone and delivered a verbal lecture to Microsoft for similar failings.

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If your website look beautiful while complying with W3C standards and norms. The only way I can figure out how to solve this is to cut and paste the reference list on to another word doc, use the find feature and remove them.

thesis whisperer zotero

I use BibDesk on the Mac http: Now, however, I am finding more and more things that I do not like about it. But the answer given by your supervisor zitero only made my day but my entire week. It may well have had something to do with my migration to Mac from PC and the digital chaos that ensued, but I quickly tired of fighting with the interface.


thesis whisperer zotero

Mendeley is my life saver. Syncing whksperer library between devices is great if you use different computers between campus, work, and home. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I used Nota Bene. Otherwise I would definetely stay with it.

In addition, academics should take into account the ethics of the decision: However, new styles are being added all the time so it has become less of an issue.

Hi, does anyone have any recommendation for what works best with Scrivener? Excel, I only use to keep a backup of my important citations.

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Whusperer FrameMaker, the unstructured version, was excellent four or five years ago, and does have a learning curve, but will never, ever bite you. But there are cases where Zotero can be improved and these improvements go live instantly.

Definitely switching to a new reference manager next! Feel free to post to Zotero forums in the future if you run into issues.

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