Except, of course, the English novel, which was the only literature she knew. Some might say that there are parents that ARE mean. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Her sense of personhood comes out of her troubled relationship with her mother and employer and is built upon the legacy of a colonial past. Sometimes, the problem is within rather than outside.

Skip to main content. By taking Lucy to the natural spots invested with meaning for her, Mariah reasserts her nativist tendencies: She should not have had children. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Encyclopedia of World Biography. She also recalls how, around the time she was leaving Mariah, she had told her that her life stretched out ahead of her like a book of blank pages , which had prompted Mariah to give her a notebook.

the estrangement by jamaica kincaid thesis

I will also analize two of her novels, Autobiography of my mother and Annie John and interpret them in regard to the mother theme. Nostalgia and Narrative in Jamaica Kincaid’s Kincai.

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In the article, The Estrangement, written by Jamaica Kincaid, thoughts on her mother are revealed and accessible to analyze. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, This triggers off an old memory in Lucy she had long forgotten.

Today, Kincaid’s work is regarded as unique among the various schools of Caribbean writing and she is one of the most respected of all women authors from this area.


Structural trauma, affirms LaCapra, cannot be completely overcome. She began to detest everything British.

She fled the island at the age of seventeen, left her family as well as her name behind and entered North America hhesis Jamaica Kincaid. Politics – International Politics – Region: As stated earlier in the paper, the representation of trauma in Lucy stretches the borders of form as well.

the estrangement by jamaica kincaid thesis

London and New York: Her voice and face were stony. The Estrangement was written in and appeared in an issue of AARP, a magazine about health and relationships. This is no easy process. Reading this story helped me view past situations with my mother in an unbiased perspective. Publish now – it’s free.

The Mother Theme in Jamaica Kincaid’s Fiction

In ways, mothers have a power over their children that, as kids, are hard for our brains to grasp. I did not say that I loved her. Log In Sign Up. At the top of the page I wrote my full name: In fact, it is on a similar note that the last chapter begins: The article is titled The Estrangement.

In The Limits of Autobiography: Jamaica Kincaid was born in in a hospital in Antigua.

She explains how other people thought of her mom as selfless and generous but none of these traits were ever showed to her as a child. Kincaid’s tight, lyrical prose guides the reader through memories of her mother and her childhood.


Postmodernity, Ethics and the Novel: At the Bottom of the River. Jamaica Kincaid and the Politics of Travel.

the estrangement by jamaica kincaid thesis

But although Kincaid is married to an American and has been living in America for a very long time, she still feels that the British West Indies will continue to be the source of her fiction. The New York Times, That the structural trauma of the mother-daughter relationship is intricately connected in Lucy to the historical trauma of colonialism and slavery is hinted at in the way Annie, a colonial subject, has internalised the norms of imperialism and tries to pass them on to her daughter.

A similar love-hate relationship develops between Lucy and her employer, another powerful m other figure in the text. Her sense of personhood comes out of her troubled relationship with her mother and employer and is built upon the legacy of a colonial past. Moreover, she cannot understand why Mariah is so proud of something she herself shares but does not boast about.

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