Until the Nizam rule , the tanks had a capacity of TMC in Telangana region, but due to negligence most of it was lost. De-silting can improve ground water recharge and drinking water facility to cattle in the summer. The geotagging and geospatial database is maintained for 45, tanks, for analysis and monitoring. Views Read Edit View history. The irrigated land ayacut under 70, tanks in was around 25 lakh acres.

The topography and rainfall pattern in Telangana have made tank irrigation an ideal type of irrigation by storing and regulating water flow for agricultural use. Subscribe to Oneindia Telugu. The project is taken up by Minister of Irrigation, T. Hundreds of big and small tanks were built in Telangana region during their rule. As per the enumeration, the total number of tanks is found to be around 46,

The silt so removed is proposed to use as manure for the fields with the participation of farmers by transporting and spreading in the fields with their cost.

short essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

The objective of Mission Kakatiya is to enhance the development of agriculture based income for small and marginal farmers, by accelerating the development of minor irrigation infrastructure, strengthening community based irrigation management and adopting a comprehensive programme for restoration of tanks.

I Tanks constructed by Panchayat Raj Dept.

Big tanks and lakes, with higher ayacut, were taken up first. Tanks have been the life line of Telangana owing to the state’s geographical positioning.

Essay on mission kakatiya in telugu language. When the water table depleted the wells dried up, farmers started digging borewellswhich also dried up for lack of ground water. What is Mission Kakatiya? The exodus of people from rural areas of Telangana to Hyderabad and other far off places has made their lives vulnerable.


It is expected to be completed by end of Irrigation policies of A. Telugu essay writing competition association kakkatiya S. As persurvey 46, No of M.

Out of them, water bodies costing The people of the state are highly dependent on the tanks which are spread across all the 10 districts. The project is being studied different government agencies, and also two US based universities, University of Michigan and University of I. With the extinction of tank system, the self-sufficient villages of Telangana have become drought prone areas.

short essay on mission kakatiya in telugu

The programme helps in rejuvenating 46, tanks and lakes, storing TMC water across the state in five years. Otherwise, these rivers would have sufficed and satiated the water needs of these districts.

Mission Kakatiya

By using surface water instead of bore well water there was a marked change in quality. The works will be executed through the Superintending Engineer and the Executive Engineer of the concerned areas, supported by the field engineers i. This irrigation policy resulted in the destruction of age-old water conservation systems with chains of tank networks. Chandrasekhar Kakstiya planning to get funds for Mana ooru Mana cheruvu. Member Assistant Director, Fisheries: This has also proliferated the squatter settlements and slums in the urban areas.


By the tanks left were 46, nearly half of them were dry. The ground water table increased from 6.

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The Kakatiyas left many monuments, including an impressive fortress, The Kakatiya extensively used sheet metal art to decorate chariots. The usage of silt or soil that is rich in soil nutrients was transferred by the farmers to their fields.

The respective departments are addressed accordingly to publicize the benefits of the programme and importance of people’s participation. The works shall be sanctioned only after inspection of concerned officer as per the norms given below issued vide G. It emphasized on the major irrigation, whereas the alluvial plains irrigated by the tanks have remained largely insignificant. Hence, exploitation of water resources has been one of the major concerns of Telangana movement and people strongly felt missoin creation of a new state of Telangana, that is, state power alone would fetch them water.

These activities, apart from reducing silt inflow into the tank, are also expected to tlugu an additional, sustainable income source for the tank community. The project has resulted in return of many migratory birds because of water levels and fishes in the tanks.

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