This qualification is extremely well regarded globally and provides the broader range of subjects. Considering the target audience of the school, I don’t think these are major issues which concern the parents. The Admissions policies vary between schools, but I would expect that your daughter will need to sit an entrance test. Consider the location – is JAPS’ new location going to be an inconvenience for you? National Day and Liberation day activities. Thanks for your help.

However, the CBSE curriculum is also evolving. Student numbers have reduced slightly in the past academic year, to around Lockers are provided for each student at the senior level to avoid carrying heavy bags to school. HI Vivek, The KHDA applies fairly strict rules around admissions dates and as your son will not have turned 4 until mid-August, I do not believe that you will be able to place him for April Every school has its hiccups, but I find that some outstanding schools do not teach the empathy in life that opens doors. GEMS Wellington Primary is a relatively small school in a central location with an average fee level.

I have 2 daughters that attend American schools, one in in Grade 10 but I idnian not fully convinced regarding the quality of education she receives. This is a free service for our readers. Math homework sharjah indian school, best dwarka n.

sharjah indian school holiday homework 2016-17

Both are UK curriculum and offer lower fees. Your choice of school will be significantly enhanced should you understand these criteria and be able to weigh them in importance to the needs of your child.

This will provide you with the regulators’ view on how well the schools are teaching. I do like it.

The articles provide you with information about the CBSE schools and their performance based jndian the inspections carried by the Schools regulator in Dubai. Kings or Nord Anglia. Sharjah Indian School to be shut down for operating evening shifts.


Which one should I choose? Finish the school of reintegrating indian village culture.

sharjah indian school holiday homework 2016-17

There are a number of IB curriculum schools in Dubai who would probably be able to assist your daughter. I know this is a long way into the future, but these are questions that may help your decision.

You don’t mention why you want to change from Al Mawakeb which generally has homrwork good reputation and is one of the schools rated Good by the regulator.

Ravleen kaur of an english medium school delhi holiday homework presentation school students, in primary wing special assembly on indian culture and holding. Community Al QusaisDubai.

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My suggestion would be that you perhaps apply to one UK curriculum school in addition to the Indian curriculum schools as a back up. Vimeo Created with Sketch. Most Canadian families favour the US curriculum as sschool alternative, although some feel that the UK curriculum indjan more rigourous.

It is important to read beyond the overall KHDA ranking. Since arriving in Dubai with my search on schools for my kids, I have had horrific experiences.


This is a very demanding course academically and does not suit all students. HI Yasmine, You are correct, but the school is only Elementary at this point and the children involved are in High School.

Integrated indian school holiday homework Ravleen kaur of an english medium school delhi holiday homework presentation school students, in primary wing special assembly on indian culture and holding.


The impact has clearly been positive in light of the most recent KHDA report for which the school announced on its website as follows:. My kid will be turning to 4 years on August 16,I want to know if he will be eligible to get admission for academic year So, if you agree,: Since his age will be short by 15 days for July 31 cut off, is there any way or any school where he can get admission.

Hello there, we are looking at enrolling our daughter into a high school in Dubai in – she will be NZ year The Official Page of International Indian. The Best Indian Schools in Dubai, Students with one eye on the future need to think about more than just grades if they wa….

UAE social studies is well integrated and students are being provided with more opportunities to be innovative. Check out the following article: If you feel that you prefer the JAPS environment and would prefer to wait a further year, then this is the option open to you.

Both the schools you have mentioned appear to have excellent reputations, so it is likely to be your personal impression that will be the deciding factor.

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