Natthamon Wutilertcharoenwong ’14 Program 2. Laura Preston ’13 Program 2. Views Read Edit View history. Alexis Foster ’17 Program 2. Lex Brown ’12 Program 2. Born in Virginia, Arthur Lee was the youngest son of Hon. Cemil Revan Purington ‘

Tiffany Cho ’17 Program 2. Kemy Lin ’15 Program 2. Mary Lou Kolbenschlag ‘ Born in Virginia, Arthur Lee was the youngest son of Hon. Liliana Meropi Aslanidou ‘

He studied law in London, passing the bar, and practising there from to He persuaded Congress to recall Deane to America, but he was himself recalled soon afterward. Lex Brown ’12 Program 2. The senior thesis represents the most sophisticated original research and writing that you will undertake as an undergraduate at Princeton. In many cases, the area and topic that you select will influence the direction of your future professional career, and thessis relationship that you establish with your thesis adviser will be important for your admission to graduate and professional school and job placement.

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In Mayhe was a guest at the dinner organized by James Boswell that brought together Samuel Johnsonan ardent opponent of the American colonists’ cause, and John Wilkesone of its most prominent British supporters. Laura Preston ’13 Program 2.


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After Lee returned to Virginiathe state in sent him as a delegate to the Continental Congress. He attended Eton College in England and studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh tnesis, where he graduated in Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, Vol. In addition to his diplomatic duties, Lee was arguably one of America’s first spies.

He gathered information in France and Britain. This fine mansion still stands in Urbanna[6] a small waterfront town on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.

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Liliana Meropi Aslanidou ‘ In other projects Wikisource. Plans to reinter him at Stratford Hall never came about. Lee met Benjamin Franklin while he was in London, where Franklin was negotiating on behalf of Pennsylvania interests. National Register of Historic Places.

He opposed the Townshend acts and became a major proponent of American resistance to the British. Suhryoung Christine Chun ‘ Elliot Lopez-Finn ’12 Program 3.


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Sydney King ’17 Program 2. If Boiseries Could Talk: He never lansdowns and had no children. Lee died in and was buried in the rear garden with no stone. Katherine Mary Kanehann ‘ Yankia Ned ’17 Program 2. Viking Penguin, pp. After passing the bar, he practiced law in London for several years.

Arthur Lee (diplomat)

United States Ambassadors to France. Bree White ’16 Program 2. Ugochukwu Udogwu ’13 Program 2.

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Hadley Morgan Newton ‘

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