Gautam, C K Numerical investigation on the performance of inertance tube pulse tube refrigerator by varying compressor amplitude. Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die. Bisi, Pragyan Saraswati Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked composite beam. Srivastava, Shivam and Saraogi, Mayur Electronic chip cooling in horizontal configuration using fluent-gambit. Bhattacharjee, Anuran Environmental flows-detailed assessment of the rivers of mahanadi basin of india. Sahu, Jambeswar An intelligent approach for multi-response optimization: Kanojia, P Validation of requirements for embedded software using petri nets.

Jason, Naveen Noah Self-assembly of colloidal sulfur particles on flat surfaces from evaporating sessile drops. Badghare, S S Analysis of phonocardiograph signal as a biometric application. Sreenu, Mudavath Design and analysis of dielectric resonator antenna. Ahmad, D Vibration analysis and control of rotating composite shaft system using active magnetic bearings. Prasad, N Architectural implementation of cordic unit and its applications. Meher, Chitta Ranjan Damping of fixed-fixed welded joints. Pyasi, A Value added metal extraction from red mud.

Madan, Nipun Improved scheduling algorithm in cloud environment. Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die. Gupta, P Role of matrix stiffness on adhesion, migration,proliferation and differentiation of HaCaT cells: Parametric Appraisal and Multi Response Optimization.

Krishna Analysis of composite plates using element free galerkin method. Haridas, B A study on mechanical and thermal behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Sarkar, Anirban Image Source Identification: Kumar, R On the use of software metrics.


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Verma, T Reactive extraction of acetic acid. Kumar, Deepak Compaction Characteristics of Bottom ash. D Admission Notice [Autumn ] More Interested candidates can apply before 20th May Singh, V K Adsorptive removal of safranin dye using low cost adsorbent.

ReddyB Kasi Viswanatha Fast block matching motion estimation algorithms for video compression. Bapna, Deependra Intrusion detection system for wireless sensor network.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Roshan, Akash Emotion recognition and text-to-speech synthesis. Venna, Venkateswarareddy Delamination effect on response of a composite beam by wavelet spectral mechanial element method.

Creators Item Type No Grouping. Jyoti, Ghoshna Design of heat integrated multiple effect evaporator system. Jamal, Md Ashraf Analysis and classification of EEG signals using mixture of features and committee neural network. Miri, K Prediction of flow in non prismatic compound open channel using artificial neural network.

Samal, Chandana Priyadarshini Microstructure and mechanical property study of cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy route. Pavankumar, Vodnala Damping of machine tool structures with riveted joints.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Sheelvardhan, K Analysis and simulation of superconducting magnetic energy storage system. Rose, B Thermo-hydrodynamics of single phase flow thezis microchannel with obstacles.


Toppo, Niraj Determination of sauter mean diameter of four different fuels and their effects on performance and emission in a CI engine.

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Vallabhadas, Dilip Kumar Comparative study of distance metrics for t-closeness. Nath, Amar Implementation of enterprise applications based on service oriented architecture. Which one is best nit in india. Amara, Chandrasekhar Adaptive hysteresis based fuzzy controlled shunt active power filter for mitigation of harmonics. Sethi, Sanghamitra Characterization of interfacial integrity and its implication on mechanical behavior of FRP composites.

Murmu, A K Adpative image interpolation.

Tech with valid GATE in the above disciplines. B, Nig Response of extended eulerbernoulli beam under impulse load using wavelet spectral finite element method. Kumar, R V Y Target following camera system based on real-time recognition and tracking.

Dash, Swayam Siddha Effect of mix parameters on performance and design of cold mix asphalt. KumarShiv Ranjan Design of plant layout having passages and inner structural wall using particle swarm optimization.

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