Several students are co-authors of academic articles, data sets, or questionnaires. Equivalent plots for the 4. Cbse sample papers for class 11 physics 1st term For this reason they recommend the use of the D50 based relationship Equation 2. Unlike the typical value and direct measurement approaches, good estimates of all contributing uncertainties are available for the ETR approach. Simulations were performed using single platens to represent one half of a sampler or a pair of platens to represent the full cross-section of a sampler.

The slope of the CD versus emax — emin relationship approaches infinity in coarse soils Figure 2. A method for generating the grain size effect trend-line for LPT is then proposed. Chapter 7 describes a 2-dimensional numerical study of grain size effects during which the effect of particle and sampler size on penetration energy is characterized. Do you play computer games essay. The measured energy transfer ratio would then be equal to: Extension of what little is known of grain size effects in sands into the gravel range of grain sizes has proven to be difficult.

Close inspection of the gravel data in Figure 2.

Nancy stolle dissertation

The sampler is sissertation retrieved and the sample used for soil classification and laboratory testing purposes. Fluent in German native and English; good knowledge of Swedish; Danish reading ; Norwegian reading ; French intermediate ; some knowledge of Russian 10 years in school and Bulgarian. Lastly, Stone and Muir Wood describe a fundamental investigation of the relationship between grain size and shear zone development.

A value of 0. Tasks include administration of PhD exams in the subfield, coordination of courses offered, student advising on subfield issues. A2 biology essay structure. As shown in Figure 4. Energy, kJ ft-lb SPT Rod lengths are available for 1, of the 1, data points in disseration database.


nancy stolle dissertation

Rod length effects are difficult to assess using stress wave energy measurements alone because there are many potential causes of energy variations related to hammer, rig and operator details. Hammer impact velocities were measured using stollw innovative reflected light system illustrated in Figure 3.

The maximum calculated value of ERr is the correct value to use to calculate ERr avg. The results of numerical studies must be interpreted with caution, however, due to the assumptions and simplifications necessary to develop the numerical model. They suggested that the emax and emin values measured for soil G75 were unreliable due to the presence of large grain sizes, and instead used values that they extrapolated from those of the three other soils.

Despite the need for such assumptions, and other factors such as soil variability during side-by-side tests, the predicted and observed values are seen to be in reasonably good agreement Nncy 6.

The direct measurement and ETR approaches were both shown to nancj clearly superior to the typical value approach, but roughly equivalent to each other in terms of result uncertainty.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort of those who have reviewed this thesis, including: A Tonbi hammer rod energy ratio of 0.

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This is especially problematic for calibration chamber studies, during which all the tests are performed using short rods Daniel and Howie, CU values were unavailable for roughly half of the available CD measurements. Rod energy ratios are known to vary with test details such as the type of hammer and the method used to lift and release the hammer Table 2. For example, if the true value had been equal to 1.


Because the deformation of granular soils is ultimately accommodated by inter-particle slip, it is only reasonable to assume that displacements are continuous if the elements are many times larger than the soil grains under consideration. The factors controlling sampler plugging are poorly understood.

Jamiolkowski and Lo Presti The hammer blows per mm of penetration are counted to yield a continuous profile of blow counts. For SPT safety hammers, this range can be estimated as 0. Predicted Modified Trend Figure 8. Based on these results they concluded that: In contrast, the uncertainty of the ETR approach is primarily due to precision errors that are relatively easy to quantify. The thickness of the shear zone can be estimated from these plots as the distance between the platen edge and the undisturbed horizontal line.

nancy stolle dissertation

This observation suggests that CPT data is affected by systematic variations of permeability with 39 Figure 2. Examples of grain size effects defined in this manner are presented in chronological order of publication below. Again, it would be surprising if a single, continuous grain size effect relationship represented both non-cemented and cemented soils. The research involved field investigations at four sites using the SPT and scaled versions of the test.

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