Create your own flipbook. Car traffic was held up for two hours by the border guards. Nyiragongo, seismic activity continues, focusing under the southern flank of the volcano. The possible release and dispersion of gases from Lake Kivu need to be modelled for hazard mapping purposes. In the remotest villages, e. International scientific effort is needed and should be co-ordinated. The situation was exacerbated by the lava on which Goma was built, which made digging latrines impossible.

In addition, several dangerous sites were confirmed within the ESCO camp area and these were cordoned off on WHO advice – one low lying area was going to be used as a cemetery which would have proved very hazardous for the grave-diggers Fig. These relate to the unusual volcanic setting, the humanitarian crisis which ranks amongst the world’s gravest, and the long shadow cast by the events surrounding the genocide and the Rwandan refugee tragedy in Goma in , when tens of thousands of people died from cholera and dysentery. If it circulates in the economy somewhere then it is doing its job. Global risks and resilience 6. Provided logistics support WFP: Background On January 17, Mt.

Connect With ReliefWeb Receive news about us. User-managed public health promotion in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. On Monday 12 Julyat Other Donor and International Organization Assistance Relief Commodities On January 23, ECHO provided five million Euros in assistance for the purchase of water, cse, and food aid and to assist with coordination and logistics in the region.

Mount Nyiragongo 2002 eruption case study

An ash sample from the 22 January crater explosion was kindly supplied by the GVO and sent for analysis. Humanitarian Icons – Ready-to-use symbols and icons. But perhaps the aid community could be radical and say that people, especially adults, have a right to misuse their cash.

A destabilization of the waters of Lake Kivu in such an eruption could lead to a massive out-pouring of the gases carbon dioxide and methane that lie stored deep erupgion the lake.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

An essential task for this group would be to define the eruptive scenarios and erption their probabilities using elicitation and expert judgement methods, as was undertaken for the Montserrat volcanic crisis. A significant population did find it difficult and temporary camps grew up in some of the untouched schools and church compounds, which later had to be evacuated as a major effort was made to restart education.


Volcanic Eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo

A number of these organizations continue to assist volcano victims in the Goma region. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since The eruption has occurred in a part of the world Eastern Congo that is already afflicted by a humanitarian crisis and a chronic complex emergency involving armies and armed groups of at least six countries.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

Why humanitarian assistance is not a long-term solution in the OPT. The main flow also continued flowing into the lake for several days through the lava tube and the centre of the flow was still moving on 18 January in Goma.

Strong earthquakes magnitude 3. As many aspersons left, whilst a substantial number of people stayed behind in the area of the town between the lava flows and also in the western part of the city.

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Caritas Goma made bi-monthly food distributions to approximately 4, families until the end of April. Lava invaded the airport at aroundand was at syudy Cathedral by two hours later.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

There would have been insufficient fuel to boil all the drinking water needed. The January eruption proved that hundreds of thousands of people could leave the city within the space of only a few hours, the vast majority on foot. The boxes typically mark active fires, though in this case, one marker appears to be over the top of the volcano.

The consequences to health in terms of trauma and infections of these impacts were relatively small, especially in comparison to the potential hazards from the lava flows 6. People in the area were contracting stomach illnesses as well as respiratory and bone diseases. The animation actually shows two plumes coming from two locations close to each other: The town is a busy commercial centre, a hive of economic activity and the main point of entry for goods from the outside world for much of eastern Congo.


Rapid reoccupation of Goma and cholera. Co-ordination of the international scientific effort is being provided through UN-OCHA and monitoring of the Nyiragongo and Nyramuragira volcanoes and Lake Kivu must be established as a matter of urgency.

Following further conflict, from Nov, nearly half a million Rwandan returnees from the five Goma camps entered Rwanda through Gisenyi on their way back to their communes. Mental health needs in Palestine. Markets quickly reopened after the eruption, and supplies of vegetables and fruit were soon re-established. A repeat lava flow event and evacuation, followed by a rapid return to Goma before activity had declined, as occurred in January, would be especially hazardous, with the possible danger of phreato-magmatic explosions from renewed lava flows.

This reliance is monut today and the prevention 20002 enteric disease outbreaks in a future eruption has to be a leading priority for the health sector, relief agencies and NGO’s.

About 30, people stayed in the west part of the city during the eruption, and this area is not on the network. But the effectiveness of this more visible role for the GVO and its effect on its credibility with the population at large have yet to be established and it will be important in the foreign scientific initiatives to review these issues on a regular basis.

A hazard assessment was conducted by volcanologists9 and reported by Tazieff in a letter to Nature: The acute impact of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian situation has been small, as far as we can tell a “blip” according to one NGO official.

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