The acquisition of the relevant business skills is critical for their growth. Sometimes the policies or regulations are at fault during the times of their implementation Ikiara, The final aim of the work was to give a review as comprehensive as possible of the objective indicators, and to provide some suggestions for the selection of the most appropriate indicators for evaluating a transit service aspect. The travel demands of both the low income and the middle income are met through this means of transport. The concerned parties should ensure that road safety rules and regulations are enforced in order to reduce corruption among the traffic police and increase efficiency in this sector. The study gave several recommendations and suggestions for further studies to address.

Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit: Transportation is important in physical and economic development of towns and cities all over the world. The study used a target population of respondents. The questionnaires were self- administered to the respondents at their place of work. Research Methods; Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. How many hours do work in a day?

Open ended questions were availed and space left for filling in the relevant explanations. Cooperatives, University of Wisconsin Centre for Cooperative, at www. The frequency tables, charts and figures were used to present the results for easier understanding and interpretation.

There are two main types of insurance cover, namely; Third party policy and comprehensive policy. This problem comes from some specific management issues such as lack of business management training and skills, inability to act as an entrepreneur and limited family business culture.

Thus, it is rare to conceive a situation over space where transportation does not play a notable role in the life of any individual or society at large. Research Methods; Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches.


According to Kamauthe government should involve the insurers in the process of fixing the premiums to be charged. The research design and methodology used was well defined and the reason as to why they are chosen in the study was elaborated in the course of the study.

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If no, what are the constraints brought about by these policies towards the growth and performance of your Matatu SACCO? Transportation is important in physical and economic development of towns and cities all over the world.

The Conceptual Framework Source: Training empowers owners and employers to make better decisions and provide better quality goods and services. Mki SACCOs should improve the working conditions of their employees so as to increase on business profits. This was accurately and effectively done to ensure desirable results. This is because it focuses on the large population and it gives explanation on the state of affairs as they exists at present Kothari, They began as an illegal transport entity.

In the fofmat setting of most developing countries, public transport is run by paratransit operators. Poor working conditions lead to low productivity of the employees which in turn make the Matatu SACCOs to record low profits.

If not excellent, what do you think contributed to this level of performance? Since then Matatu mode of public transport has grown over the years with the goal of catering to the mobility demands of kku of Kenyans Chitere, It was further noted that each Matatu also created two indirect jobs.


Research Methodology; Methods and Techniques.

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Policy changes and the Informal sector: Eboli and Mazzulla examined performance indicators for an objective measure of public transport service quality. Corporate governance focuses on the board room but extends the scope to include owners and others interested in the affairs of the company, including creditors, debt financiers, analysts, auditors and corporate regulators’ Tricker, The analysis was done based on the research objectives. Mlu Policy Framework 9. The study further concludes that policy makers impact the business both positively and negatively.

mku thesis format

Glenview, Illinois London, England. The instruments were pre-tested through a pilot study before the actual data collection to enhance reliability.

Mku thesis format

Working Environment in Matatu industry Graeff noted that job security is a major concern especially for Matatu crews and support staff. The questionnaires were also subjected to scrutiny by researcher’s supervisor and other research experts’ for validation purposes and it was found to be valid. Do you attend seminars 5 7 28 60 and workshops? Management of Matatu business by highly academically qualified personnel is formqt to be more efficient, and as such, facilitates their access to finance more easily due to the fact that providers of funds are more likely to have more confidence in those with high academic cormat than those with low qualification levels.

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