Pozner gives example after example after example Initially, I wasn’t all that interested in reading this book, as I felt as if it would be a retread of many concepts I had read before. Jul 09, Bradley Bowen rated it it was amazing. But a few things didn’t sit well with me. I waited way too long to read this book, and honest, ten years later, yeah, it does feel a little out of date. Degrading women doesn’t just hurt women. Reality bites back is overwhelmingly popular?

I have never been a reality television fan Project Runway and a few episodes of cooking reality shows aside. I think the author had good intentions of separating topics by chapters, but then topics blended into each, and women issues ended up in chapters about LGBTQ. Just be prepared to finish as a media justice activist! It might’ve been better if she wrote multiple books on reality TV, each focusing on a different theme or different type of reality TV. The film aims to challenge the tight corners the mainstream media likes to paint jennifers into, and yet, in a way, Newsom does it herself: I am not being slowly brainwashed, or turned into a mindless consumerist zombie, or buying into the Bachelor version of romance. That way, one can present the lastest wonder bra, face cream, make-up hair product, dress, home appliance that will fix it for them.

Further to “ways in which this book is out of date”: I saw the drama created by producers during the first Real World and figured it only got worse from there.

With stellar, absorbing insight, she teases apart the decade-long history of reality television, examining its impact on our culture, its toxic messages, and how and why it has come to dominate the airwaves.

That’s not something this book does. Wealthy ladies who lunch backstab while obsessing over brand-name clothes, cars and jewels on The Real Housewives Of… everywhere.

She also sometimes made leaps that I felt were a bit extreme. I’m not much of a reality tv fan.

jennifer pozner essay

For example taking a woman on a dating show saying “I really love hot coffee first thing in the morning. Mar 24, RD Morgan rated it it was ok Shelves: I wasn’t a fan of Pozner’s sense of humor — it was a tad too snarky for me, and this, in turn, caused me to distrust her narrative.


I really wish the author had spent more time on those aspects rather than, for example, a lengthy deconstruction of the anti-feminism of The Bachelor.

Rather, it’s just that in order to sell us more products beauty and otherwiseit’s more effective to have women scared and lacking in confidence and self-esteem. I’ve been going back and forth on my rating for this.

She encourages you to keep watching your favorite reality TV shows, but to speak up, make fun of, or analyze what’s going on as you watch the show. Jul 09, Bradley Bowen rated it it was amazing. Esay also had never really thought critically about the kind of messages reality TV was essqy out there about women in general, and worse about people of color both men and women – although this book mostly concentrates on women.

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Reality TV esssy are just hour long, low budget commercials, not to mention the embedded cultural stereotypes spoon fed to viewers that passively ingest into their psyches. It’s great that the author has lots of material, but all jennifrr it gets mashed into a big jumble and it’s hard to dissect apart. Jan 17, Hannah rated it liked it Recommends it for: Most of the book focuses on women, which is probably the author’s strong point, but I think that made this book weak.

Regressive s values should stay in the past. Which sums up so much of my fear about media and the ways that women are depicted – wssay do not see ourselves as having agency, intelligence, or inherent worth outside of our looks and our relationships with men. According to Pozner and her research, women are portrayed as bitches, stupid, incompetent at work, failures at home and gold diggers on most reality shows.



I don’t agree with Posner’s belief that everyone who watches reality tv is being affected by it on some level. In the early s, before Facebook became the dominant online social network, self-taken jennjfer were particularly common on MySpace. Paperbackpages. I am also a person with moderate intelligence who can easily pick out the manipulative editing, set-ups, and product placements on my own.

Both of these were essentially game essays, but they doubled as earthy anthropological experiments, and they convinced viewers and executives alike that television could provide action without actors. Aug 09, Melody Newby rated essxy it was amazing.

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If you are a fan of reality television, a student of social sciences, or a person concerned about the toxic effects that the media ;ozner on our society, you definitely need to jennfer it right away. Additionally, I think it’s always important to talk about how product placement can affect our susceptibility to advertisement.

Want to offer a media literacy workshop for your campus or non-profit? For me – someone who was already hyper aware of the misogyny and pervasive advertising shamelessly embedded within reality programming, I found it broadened the way I perceived other media – such as talk shows like The View and Ellen, which seem to be more marketing vehicles than television talk shows, and fictional media which is much more focused on consumerism lozner it seems it has been.

jennifer pozner essay

Those issues are probably connected, but it would’ve been nice if she created a few borders between them so that the topics were more understandable. Tyra Banks needs essag in acting like she is sorry.

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