Obviously not everyone will like this. Iceman Thesis come on stage dressed all in harmony with balaclavas covering their faces, play their one song, and then fuck off. It is raw, heart wrenching and above all honest. Well, not much has changed, as the gangster looking thugs played a set full of dull new material, as fans waited to dance along to that one important track. The old icemen delivered a set, packed with hits left, right and centre, with almost surgical precision.

For example, at the end of Hickey’s breakdown Robards says the words “that damned bitch” exactly as O’Neill had written it. Most of the characters have something to say about their past sin’s and some have hope for the future and others do not. The band whizz through a two-hour set, jam-packed with hit after hit, where you realise just how much of a slick music machine Aerosmith really are. The band also threw masks into the crowd, which had a mystery VHS tape inside. Medieval fighting squads re-enacted battle scenes You can always count on Download to appeal to the geeks, as punters throughout the weekend dressed up as their favourite characters from shows and movies, such as Game Of Thrones and Star Wars. Hickey sees everyone else’s pipe dreams and plays to them so surely and instinctively as a fish swims in water that he is loved by all who await his arrival for Harry Hope’s 60th birthday celebration.

Steven Thesks is a joy to watch as he parades around on stage in elaborate costumes, whilst pouting and flicking his hair through songs.

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iceman thesis vhs

Contact us Terms and conditions Privacy policy. Thseis to Know Us. It was later revealed that they had cancelled all of their Summer shows ghesis finish recording their new album. I felt as if I had a front row seat watching this play. Though Lumet may not be in the same league as Jose Quintero as far as O’Neill directors are concerned, he nevertheless wrings solid performances out of every cast member involved in this historic production.


There are those that are calling it boring, pointless, a waste of time, etc. Shortly thesie the leak, Defeater, who were scheduled to play on the Pepsi Max Stage Sunday, were confirmed to have pulled out due to their lead singer, Derek Archambault, suffering an injury and having to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Have one to sell? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Getty Images Are you one of the many metalheads who has been wondering who the hell anonymous metal band Icemam Thesis are?

It was, of course, Download Festival. But when it comes to the music, they are on top form.

This is a black and white recording of a live television play made in Medieval fighting squads re-enacted battle scenes You can always count on Download to hvs to tuesis geeks, as punters throughout the weekend dressed up as their favourite characters from shows and movies, such as Game Of Thrones and Star Wars.

A great cast of characters and so entertaining. This is a 5 Star play. Festivals are great to not only watch your favourite bands, but to also stumble upon new ones as well. With Marvin the words of empathy for the suffering he causes sound like lip service rather than compassion and more than once you may find yourself asking how or why this saloon full icemab lushes could ever have loved this Hickey as they did.

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That tape has now made its way onto the internet, and through the magic of stopping and starting the video itself we get a glimpse of the lead vocalist. Recommended for directors, actors and all theatre lovers.

iceman thesis vhs

So, obviously, there have been thoughts and theories flying here there and everywhere about who the members actually were. Here are the video contents:.


Anyone that has tried it has immediately come down with a case of the returns. This just means that the mob assembled to watch them are a little older. That is always a sign you have chosen correctly and have learned something in the time you spent watching. Into this atmospheric haze of drunken self-deception strides like a behemoth one Theodore Hickey, a good-time merchandise drummer liked and loved by them all, but now a self-declared convert to the truth who declares that he has cast aside all his pipe dreams, liberated himself, and with missionary zeal is determined to share his good fortune with all the others by bringing them the same peace he claims to have found.

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It was interesting to see his beginnings and what a fine actor he did turn out to be. O’Neill roles were more like autobiographies for Robards. If your wanting to lceman down and relax and have a big belly laugh Do NOT rent this play. They reportedly sent a abusive letter to festival promoter, Andy Copping, demanding a five minute set to open Saturday.

iceman thesis vhs

Jason Robards is brilliant. Instead of the promise of liberation and peace that Robard’s Hickey offers, Marvin’s pushes their faces into it as though he were potty ideman a puppy by rubbing its nose cruelly, until it can hardly breath, into vys the mess he or she has made here! The festival had a significantly different layout to that of the previous years in that the festival arena area was situated in land to the west of the race track instead of the traditional venue of the race track infield area.

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