Even if you’re not appointed the “official” leader, you can still help steer the direction of the group as a team member. The freedom in managing your own life is very fulfilling and instills independence in the most effective way. They have the lecture-tutorial teaching system now and a lot of good teachers have been laid off. And our group name was Diamond Fireworks. There was also a pond on the ground floor.

I still have no idea where that courage came from. All in all just enjoy yourself! I took a deep breath, said ‘basmallah’ and began I did. And that’s it from me! I think I speak for everyone when I say that Sasana Kijang is an awe-inducing, glass-and-metal building standing majestically as a gigantic icon of pride for Bank Negara and the country. Is there any group which all of the members passed the first stage?

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

I read that you asked us to contact you for even detailed info So after we completed the swing and had to test it in front of the assessors, it held the weight of the lemon. Very rigorous process and questions ranges from personal to current affairs. I’m ready to help!

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

The first and second assessments were case-studies, which were a tad bit stressful and challenging, given that we had no idea about most of the problem-solving skills required. The second part comes in a separate reply so it’s easier for you to digest, one at a time. There was also some tricky questions where they give a situation and you have to tell them what would you do in biasisswa situations.


The first, of course, is the online application. First of all, let me give a little bit of info on this scholarship. A point about honesty; I wrote about my passion for language and my wish to pursue linguistic in my essay during the online application. Silent Storm May 28, 5: I hope these helps! In fact, only 3 candidates were selected and they are currently doing their study in Kolej Tuanku Jaa’far.

Thank God For Hajar. Do u know whether the selection has been taken place by now or not.

Bank Negara Scholarship – Kijang Academy Experience – by Arista

Is there a bond that comes with the scholarship? Day 1 So on Friday, 27th March my father drove me to Lanai Kijang the place where we were going to stay. Hope this is helpful Like Like. May I know when they called you for IV after the application deadline? Sudden arrangement about weeks after application. Bank Negara is so generous: My advice is try to ask your school counselor and even if they don’t know how to approach Bank Negara Human Capital Department, you can always make a formal inquiry to BNM via your school counselor as to provide a more formal approach.

The best one was, if I am the Prime Minister for a week beginning tomorrow, what would I do? After all, they’re far more experienced than you and most likely, have been conducting this kind of interview to plenty of potential scholars. Now, if I thought security was high in LK, this was way higher. Silent Storm May 10, 5: Silent Storm April 17, 3: And good luck for your application to BNM’s scholarship and other scholarships as well!


However, the main characteristics stay — a list of students will be announced and be told elsewhere that they have been dropped out of the selection process. For interview-focused speaking, you can try practicing in front of the mirror, and watch videos of people giving speeches or public speaking.

I drew the basic idea out to show my group and they all agreed it’d be a good idea to try. Teamwork is essential, critical thinking even more so. So, back to the end of assessments, we all went back to Lanai Kijang to rest and have dinner.

Bank Negara Scholarship Assessment – Kijang Academy 2015

They also want to ensure that you will contribute back to the Bank after your studies. And even if she did, I was in the room after all. I may have been too late:

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