Concerned about something which he could not lay his finger on he was not ready to go home. Posted by Unknown at From the story that you have studied, describe an event that you find most memorable. Do you have unfinished project at hand due to bad financing? That is the significance of the title of this poem’The Living Photograph’. Do you need money to invest in some area of specialization which will profit you?

Climax Next morning, Ah Ma prayed in the altar room. Jackie Kay Synopsis The poem talks about the persona’s photograph of her grandmother. That is the significance of the title of this poem’The Living Photograph’. Cikgu, plz remove the spam and block spammers. Ah Ma moved restlessly and managed to say something about the key to the altar being hidden before she drew her last breath. The grandmother is dead now but she still looks alive in the photograph. But there she is still, in the photo with me at three, the crinkled smile is still living, breathing.

Discussion on Tanjong Rhu Essay

He wanted her to use them as she did not want to undergo a cataract operation. Do you have a bad credit? While waiting for Ah Ma, Mf Li looked at his father’s photograph and remembered their time together.

essay novel tanjung rhu

In fact, Chinese funeral procession is also one of the rnu practices which pass down from one generation to the next. She has passed away but the persona still feels her presence.


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Managements Email Kindly Contact: Ah Essya was in the garden feeding her chickens. However, his mother’s only concern was to see Tanjong Rhu, a place where they used to live while he was growing up.

He refused to listen to her stories.

essay novel tanjung rhu

TQ Cikgu Yen for the notes. Unknown October 8, at 6: He tried to recall but had very blurred memories. Dr Purva Pius May 31, at 8: Besides, tmr is my spm trial hehe wish me luck. Cikgu, plz remove the spam and block spammers. Cikgu Yen, I’ve found your notes are very useful.

Mr Li ticked off Ying for criticising her grandmother for wanting novfl do things her way. Even after her death, he tried to be a good son by lighting the altar for her and speaking to her photo. The main theme of this story is the distinction between traditional habits and ceremonies and modish patterns and behavior. James Eric 31 August at You really need to get rid of spammers and scammers from your blog asap.

Thank you so much cikgu yen. Li described the funeral procession as long, chaotic and noisy.


Back in nnovel present, Mr Li regrets his actions as now he too longs to go back to his childhood in Tanjong Rhu. He had bought his mother a pair of binoculars so that she could see farther as she had cataracts. Dr Purva Pius May 31, at 8: He refused hanjung listen to her stories. He became impatient with his mother who seemed adamant to hold on to the past and had no interest in the present.

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Based on short story Tanjong Rhu by Minfong Ho, the most important lesson that I have learnt is to be responsible. The persona describes how the grandmother looks in detail—the. This tradition seems getting lost in modern Chinese family especially for those who are not Taoists or Buddhists. In Chinese traditions, praying tanjjung the ancestor and the dead is important to every family.

Walter Oscar April 3, at He wanted her to use them as esssay did not want to undergo a cataract operation.

essay novel tanjung rhu

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