He solves all problems very easily. King Indraverma has faith on him and all the villagers also have faith on him. He can also calm down angry animals. He likes laddoos, especially the ones made by Tun Tun aunty. Kalia always want to fight with Chota Bheem and defeat him. Dholu and Bholu are brothers, whatever Dholu says Bholu says the same line.

They are asked to write around 10 sentences on a given essay. We had seen the advertisement of the circus in the newspaper and decided to visit it on a Sunday. The person whom the seeker finds first becomes the next seeker. Bheem has other friends also Chutki, Jaggu is a donkey and Raja. He was very active, intelligent, witty and curious boy.

My age is Both theories give a very logical explanation to how my personality traits developed. Chota bhem is my favorite program and I like this program. It has seeds on its body which makes it look even more beautiful. She is very cute and beautiful.

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All these qualities of Bheem make him my favourite character. College essay writer kent state of canada and the into the underworld, and the like who have female education essay in pakistan that are likely just as. He also got tickets for the buggy ride. It was amazing to see choga he made the lions perform acts. All my friends love this game too.


There are some o’clock tales too in which there are many short stories.

Top-3 Essays on Chota Bheem

It is a fun game. I love playing this game with my friends and have a lot of fun.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

My mother also prepares sweets and other delicious food during Diwali. The palace is very nice from inside.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

Bheem is very kind, brave and intelligent. Besides, he also sometimes observe a spark between his finger and the key.

Chota Bheem – my favorite comic book character

Strawberry is a juicy fruit. I like him because he is very strong and powerful.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Now also I like to help everyone like Chota Bheem and because he helps everyone I like him very much. His enemies are Kalia, Dholu and Bholu.

essay my favourite cartoon character chota bheem

E-cards Send a special online greeting card to your friends and family. I like playing music by Beethoven, Bach and Bollywood music too. These are very common topics chaeacter generally assigned to kids of this age. Chota bheem is a intelligent and brave boy.


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Editors Rating Originality- Creativity- Imagination. Chota Bheem helps everyone in Dholakpur. Article by Kalyani Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. He loves to eat laddoos made by Tun Tun Aunty. Jaggu is a monkey and he has charactfr a tree house for him. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One should behave polite and speak sweet with his close ones for maintaining a easy going and nice relationship.

We make birthday cards for each other on our birthdays. Sometimes he fights with thieves and save his village.

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