In order to keep their body healthy the astronauts need a proper amount of exercise. He likes to go outing with his friends. They were worried until they could sleep. They will perform Raya prayers at the mosque. I can add to my collection of sports wear. We heard the noises of insects and animals. When Azim and his father arrived safely at the market, Azim quickly helped his father to pour all the fish and prawns into a large ice box so that they would stay fresh.

The home looks after old people who have no children or relatives to stay with. He decided to pick them. He lives in a small hut near the school with his family. Puan Faridah and her family. You look very pretty too. There is a floor where bills are added up and sent out; another where bills can be paid and another where breakdowns are reported. Suddenly, a fire rapidly spread to the bushes nearby.

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There were other parents and pupils too. Mrs Kuhan asked her children to change their clothes before they had lunch.

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The doctor prescribed her some medicine and ointment. They had a very satisfying trip. Last week, a group of scouts went camping in the forest.



He examined Alimin and told him that his right leg was broken. To many villagers, Aiman has a heart of gold. He wove with great care so he often took weeks to finish a mat. He plays futsal with his friends.

You are searching for a pen-pal.

english essay sample for upsr

Then, she englidh a bird chirping loudly above her. Hakim runs a food court in one of the shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. The servants held out their sticks.

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Last engllish during the first semester holidays, Sazali and his friends had a picnic by the river in their village. His parents were not at home. So she took her daughters to a fast food restaurant for lunch.

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The square shape is also nice and beautiful. When are you leaving? Everyone was having a wonderful time that they continued playing even after the electricity supply was restored. Read the information below carefully. It is RM Event englishh dissertation description sample questions essay writing definitions what is perfection essay questions opinion essay about teacher politics video essay cinema bowdoin college essay of the environment pollution general essay on knowledge of english tree essay about walt englissh company video.


There were mini pools so his children had fun playing in the water.

Boon and his dad wore their lifejackets and manage to stay up on the deck of the boat. Everyone in the village is fond of Zainuddin. You are inviting the team from another school to play a friendly match with your team. Use all the words.

english essay sample for upsr

Some of his friends called him a bookworm. She picks it up gently.

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They searched the house for money and valuable things. One morning Snowy the white kitten woke up early. Thank her for the photographs of her and her family. His motorcycle was badly dented. Some of my friends went for a swim and some build sand castle.

He spoke to the boy and realised that the boy is from his village.

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