Journal of Environmental Science and Health, A. Summary of research funding obtained from to current: Spectroscopic assessment of rare earth elements in environmental samples. The following resources relate to research writing:. Characteristics of mercury distribution in the th aquatic ecosystem of the Limpopo Watershed, South Africa. They are therefore the first port of call for students in all matters relating to postgraduate studies.

Electrochemistry and Electro-analytical Chemistry in Environmental Analysis. Introduction pathways of fungal pathogens in South Africa are far less quantified in the literature than those for plants, animals and human infectious diseases. Mercury concentrations in water resources potentially impacted by coal-fired power stations and artisanal gold mining in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Ecotoxicity of silver nanomaterials in the aquatic environment: A motivated, goal-orientated, hardworking and innovative person, possessing strong team work and communication skills with proven experience in laboratory procedures, research and development, post- graduate student training and project management. Synthesis, characterisation and application of chitosan beads-supported Fe-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles for the th removal of cadmium from wastewaters.

Research and the Harvard method of bibliographic citation: April cut March The Combined effects of silver nanoparticles and temperature on antioxidant defenses in Potamonautes th perlatus.

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Nasters Safety and Security Tips on keeping safe Emergency contacts. Biomonitoring and assessment of heavy metals in the vicinity of precious metal mining sites in South Africa. Journal of Nano Research, Electronic Theses and Dissertations.


Screen-printed carbon electrodes modified with a bismuth film for stripping voltammetric analysis of platinum group metals in environmental samples. Assessment and analysis of platinum group metals in environmental freshwater samples.

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We also offer career-specific short courses. South African Patent filed on 13th September Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Advances in Electrochemical Materials, Science and Manufacturing. Malacostraca, Potamonautidae as a Model in Nanotoxicity Studies.

cput masters thesis

Electrochemical evaluation of poly methacrylic acid -co-poly 3,4ethylenedioxythiophene functionalized molecular imprinted polymers for estradiol detection. Spectroscopic assessment of benzodiazepines in environmental samples. Mercury exposure in a low-income community in South Africa.

Antimony film sensor for sensitive rare earth metal analysis in environmental samples. Editorial Advisor and Reviewer of Manuscripts for Publication: Electrochemical remediation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater using advanced oxidation processes and oxidation for degradation treatment processes.

Spatial distribution of trace vput in water resources impacted by PGM activities. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. These works require to be edited for accuracy especially as they are placed for public scrutiny in the library.

cput masters thesis

Physico-chemical and morphological characterization of silver nanoparticles — An ecosystem perspective. Utilization of South African fly ash to treat acid coal mine drainage, and production of high quality zeolites from the residual solids.


Solanum melongena polyphenol oxidase biosensor for the electrochemical analysis of paracetamol. Sc Chemistry degree was awarded cum laude on 26 September Second semester applications How to apply Step 1: The Clean Air Journal, 25 2: Chavon Walters, Edmund Pool, Vernon Somerset Effects of chemical and environmental stressors on oxidative stress in crustaceans: Investigation and evaluation spectroscopic and electrochemical of synthetic or natural antioxidant compounds for potential use in the bioremediation of emerging contaminants.

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Journal of Environmental Science and Health, A Project Management Tasks regularly executed include: Investigation into the effects of metallic nanomaterials on the indigenous freshwater crab Potamanautes warreni, in a freshwater microcosm under ambient and simulated climate change environments. Improved detection of ascorbic acid with a bismuth-silver nanosensor.

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