Subscribe to the Canadian Immigration Podcast If you have enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe. If IRCC accepts your application they will send you a file number and tell you the next steps. So because of that, the program manager, Bratcher Fan has had a very difficult job in determining which industries would receive the nominations. That would help tremendously in getting the word out and raising the visibility of the show. I am even not sure if the answers to these questions does really matter in the decision process of my nomination.

Both employee and employer have to pass certain requirements in order for them to both be judged as eligible for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. If you have enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe. Click on the PDF link to save it on your computer. As we know currently it might take at least 4 — 5 years to get GC to hand, so I have started this parallel Canadian PR application just to make sure I have something in hand soon. If you are an AINP nominee who needs to renew your work permit with your current Alberta employer, or to obtain a work permit to start work with a new Alberta employer in the same occupation NOC code for which you were nominated by the AINP, follow these steps: If you have already been granted an AINP Nomination extension, you will not be granted any further extensions. If nominated through this route, an applicant can then apply for Canada Permanent Residency through Express Entry by uploading their provincial nomination credentials into the platform.

The other option for people interested in immigrating to Alberta is to begin the process by creating a new Express Entry profile. In this Episode I am flying solo to waste no time in demystifying the recent changes to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Be able to prove legal status if living abroad International Graduate Category This category of the AINP applies to graduates who studied at an eligible Canadian University or post-secondary education institute and has been offered a full-time, letteer job by an employer who is located in Alberta.


Do not have a medical check coveer IRCC asks you to get one. The applicant should hold a valid work permit and be currently employed in Alberta in one of the eligible occupations A high school equivalent education must be proved Language proficiency test results Meet the specific requirements for their industry below. I completed the questions on a separate sheet and attached it to the app.

cover letter for ainp

Can you tell me when did you apply?? Your nomination extension request is subject to all conditions that were in place at the time your original nomination was issued by the AINP.

cover letter for ainp

You can also leave me a voice message on the Ask an Immigration Question widget on the side bar of this website. Once again, I want to invite anyone who would like to leave a question for lettfr to answer through this podcast through our website at www.

H1B Approval is I- and it needs to be notarized. Some were returned back because they did not have address coved nominating province. I just need to make sure that I answer these questions in a manner acceptable ror get me the nomination. Both the employee and applicant must be deemed eligible to be able to successfully apply in this Provincial Nominee Program Alberta category.

For instance, where do you plan to live and what type of accommodation are you are seeking?

Contact us today for a free consultation. I cover the ups and downs of the program over the past 10 years and really lead up to what I am going to be talking about today.

PNP Alberta Express Entry Immigration (AINP)

Currently, I have flr for Step 1 Last week. Both employee and employer have to pass certain requirements in order for them to both be judged as eligible for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. There is no bar to doing this.

The economy of Alberta has been the strongest in Canada for the last 10 years and consequently the province has grown very quickly as people from other areas of Canada, as well as many new immigrants from across the World, move ain the province in search of a better life. If more than six months have passed since the expiry date of your original nomination, you are not eligible for an AINP nomination extension.


Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – What does the Crystal Ball Predict for 2016?

The Lerter is a partnership between Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC and the Government of Alberta that seeks out skilled and semi-skilled foreign nationals who can immediately enter the Albertan workforce and therefore benefit the economy as soon as possible.

You could collect all supporting docs and notarize them and send it. If aknp application is taking longer than the stated processing times you can contact the Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for your region.

Send your application by registered mail or courier service to make sure it is received by the CIO. The AINP assumes no responsibility for the outcome of your application for a work permit. Comment at the bottom of this podcast and I will consider it for future Canadian Immigration Podcasts. Being nominated and applying through the Alberta Nominee Program will speed up petter permanent residency application process by some time.

cover letter for ainp

My Twitter handle is simply MarkHolthe. The increasing economic strength of Alberta means that there is a tremendous creation of new cove and employment opportunities for residents and foreigners to take advantage of. Lets make this thread as go-to thread for AINP aspirant.

New Alberta Opportunity Stream – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program | Canadian Immigration Podcast

Provide all these so that they can understand that you are familiar with Alberta Province. If you have already been granted an AINP Nomination extension, you will not be granted any further extensions. So if person is unemployed, how can AINP defend lettr situation if nomination issued 7 months and the person does not have a job.

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