A Synthesis of Research, Homework is a Complicated Thing. Review of Educational Research, 76 1 , Journal of Experimental Education, 66 1 , There is no conclusive evidence that homework increases academic achievement. In a longitudinal companion study of Chinese American and European American students, disparities in the amount of homework completed continued through grade

Journal of Educational Research, 86 2 , For high school students, the line of progress continued to increase up to the highest point measured more than two hours per night. Researchers agree that teachers should assign a variety of homework assignments throughout the course of the school year to prevent homework from becoming boring. The MetLife survey also reported that the majority of parents believed homework was important or very important 81 percent and that doing homework helped their children learn more in school 89 percent. Furthermore, among the year old group, the number of students completing any homework at all increased markedly: Students whose parents held a four-year college degree received significantly higher math test scores than students whose parents did not hold a degree, regardless of the amount of parent involvement in homework.

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corno 1996 homework is a complicated thing

The study compared students whose teachers reported assigning a high amount of homeworrk with those whose teachers reported assigning less homework. They found that students in single-parent homes reported spending less time on homework than those in two-parent homes.

Of those parents who say they want to change the amount of homework their children receive, more say they would like to see the amount of homework increased, rather than decreased. At the high school level, however, girls were more likely than boys to complete homework assignments.


Contemporary educational psychology 11 4, However, much of the overall increase was due to a large increase in the amount of time year olds spent on homework. Over grades students participated in the study. Ten percent of middle school students internationally reported spending four or more hours per day on homework.

Students were asked to rate 17 possible homework adaptations variations in homework assignments, instructions, and feedback strategies. The researchers found no relationship between participation in the hotline program and academic achievement, as measured by both class grades and achievement test scores.

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The amount of homework provided to younger students may therefore be less important than simply assigning something to help them establish routines and learn personal responsibility. The Elementary School Journal 5, Homework and Student Achievement, by Grade Level Studies involving students at different grade levels suggest that homework may be more effective for older students. Despite the fact that studies have found homework has little impact on achievement at the early grade levels, most researchers believe homework should still be assigned to elementary students Pytel, ; Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, ; Bempechat, Evaluation Brief, 1 7 By Isa Deveci, Ph.

Review of research in education 19 1, Seventy-seven percent of students agreed that homework was important or very important and 69 percent believed homework helped them learn more in school.



Outcomes, influences, and practices. Some researchers have argued that homework actually increases the achievement gap between students from affluent and poor families.

They found that Asian students reported spending the most time on homework, followed by White and Hispanic students. Researchers have suggested several strategies that may help to increase homework completion rates: All reports distributed by Research Services can be accessed at http: Learning profiles and achievement. The survey of 1, U. Advocates of homework claim it also: Homework is a Complicated Thing. Effects of Differential Prompting. Meanings of Homework and Implications for Practice.

corno 1996 homework is a complicated thing

In homeworl effort to increase collaboration, many schools have started requiring teachers to hold weekly meetings to coordinate homework assignments Keates, Economics of Education Review, 30 5— Educational Psychologist, 36 3 homrwork, — Paulu stated that feedback is most helpful when teachers offer specific suggestions on how the homework can be improved and discuss problems and solutions with students.

Students or parents can call the hotline 24 hours a day to hear the recording. Helping Your Students With Homework:

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