However, the latest videos uploaded by Yazoo Milkshake state to nearly two years ago. The Nova should be large and bright, so I used the light pink R,G, B with radius 75 and spokes Water prevents the crops from withering or drying out. And if they are not, then research can be carried out to find a new type of audience for my milkshake. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Elite Audio Advertorial Storyboard. This will give me the chance to identify whether people would be interested in knowing about my new product and whether the chances of the Power Milkshake drink would be a success or not. But however, I also found out that people were not interested in subscribing for email newsletters as no likes or comments were made from my followers who want to receive email newsletters by email:

Original Filming Consent Form. Yazoo posts a lot of fun messages on their Facebook page. People who have liked and made comments are more likely to remember the brand the video is showcasing due to writing reviews on YouTube. Yazoo on Twitter Twitter is an online social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to send and read tweets, which are text messages limited to characters. It can make the topic obviously. Facebook will also be useful in my promotional campaign as from the research analysed, as of the end of January ; 1. Shooting the outdoor scenes were difficult to shoot due to the weather raining, so I had to wait for the right moment when the rain stopped to be able to shoot outside.

This imbalance gives the upper class member of society an upper hand in all areas such as employment, politics, education, etc.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3

As other deadlines were approaching this week, no progress was made in the lab session and this whole week. I chose the costume of the Green Lantern as the other superhero costumes were too recognisable and I coursewwork looking for a superhero costume which has a less recognisable logo.

Coursework 3

Email marketing is another form of social media that will be used for my product from the social media mexia. Based on the findings of the conducted research as well as assessment with regards to social media usage by companies similar to the fictitious company, I concluded that in order to effectively reach larger audiences and raise awareness of the Elite Audio Company, the most ideal Social Media Websites to utilize include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


What a Cokrsework a Shake Makes video on YouTube, reviews gained from the video shows people who liked and made comments were very enthusiastic about the video. The campaign runtime is 4weeks which is analyzed below Weeks. Having a full time office job can also be very tiring as you are sitting in an office for merely the whole day, so a Power Milkshake would also be ideal for young office workers for them to not fall asleep at their desk, while also my drink can have a target audience of bodybuilders as well because protein also helps to build and repair muscle tissues.

From the research gathered and analysed, the Yazoo brand has an astonishing 66, views as of 09 th March on all their videos from their YouTube channel. Promoting my product this way will help develop a strong loyal trust between me vmt3331 my followers and also it could raise the possibility of my followers sharing any messages or videos that I have posted regarding my Power Milkshake product to their friends and families. Using this as a starting point, consider how Shakespeare ensures that the audience of Othello is fascinated by the skill of Iago as a tragic villain?

Steven P Young, On Tuesday 18 th the very next day, I got my logo and milkshake bottle cover finished.

Operations is a major function in every organization, and regardless of the function in which you work, you will interact with the operations function that produces goods or services or both. With a small 1, followers Yazoo Milkshake Twitter,Yazoo mainly uses twitter to help customers with complaints.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3

Yazoo on YouTube YouTube is a video sharing website which users can upload, view and share videos. While at the water fountain one morning, you overhear two of your co-workers discussing how the market price of a new is determined.

Elite Audio YouTube Channel: This signifies their aim of bringing fun couraework the nation and also Yazoo uses their Facebook page to create competitions for Facebook users to win awesome cash prizes.

I needed a photo of a long bending road, so I took the photo during day-time in one of courdework journeys to school. Further research and analysis with regards to the usage of social media by companies similar to the fictitious company, has been undertaken.


Coursework 3 | CMT New Media

She cleared any misconceptions that anyone had about what we have to do for the final coursework of the New Media module. And once hash tagged words become very popular, it often starts Trending Topics on Twitter and that is one recommendation that can give brands like Yazoo Milkshake a concentrated push to develop a more significant presence on social media websites such as Twitter.

In the critical theory these select few coursework the rich or the bourgeoisie of society. The assignment required me to do the following components: Throughout this week the logo for the Fictitious company Elite Audio has been designed, firstly I have researched well known branded logos which are relatively similar to my fictitious company so as to effectively grasp the main aspects of good logo designs.

In order for Elite Audio to effectively differentiate itself and stand out in the midst of its competitors, a Unique Selling Proposition is required USP. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3

In the Bahamas, farmers have to deal with their crops withering, when the weather conditions are terrible and there is not enough rain water to supply new crops. It is noteworthy that the Storyboard enables one to effectively pre-visualize the final Elite Audio Advertorial outcome, in addition to presenting detailed information regarding each ckursework shot within the advertorial, before actually producing it.

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Facebook Link to Power Milkshake: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Their presence on Twitter is not as great as their competitors who have more followers than Yazoo. This site uses cookies. Power Milkshake is a high protein milkshake drink, so my target audience will be young adults coursewor the ages of This signifies the importance of social media for the Yazoo brand as the launch of content and competitions on Facebook brings a great deal of excitement for customers to grab a chance of winning the jackpot prize.

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