Students are able to apply the knowledge they have acquired to practical problems in seminars and projects for example if dealing with taxation, accounting, auditing or business advice. Total number of students 3, Number of master degree students Percentage of teaching by practitioners Contact with work environment bachelor. Students are able to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to complex problems. MBA Class of A truly holistic learning experience that assists it’s recipients in developing integral tools to compete in the global corporate world of today. Business Analyst at Management Business Group MBA class of “Groupwork with colleagues from more than 14 countries and classes on highly relevant topics have made the Pforzheim MBA a great platform for strengthening my leadership capabilities and expanding my business knowledge. Study and Examination Regulations.

Our students will be prepared for a successful career within the recession-proof professions of tax accounting and chartered accounting, equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge and taught to use the knowledge acquired by means of additional practice-oriented tasks. Kontakt Sabine Lipinski Tel: Program goals and learning objectives. Program The degree will combine a general business studies program with various modules from finance and accounting to allow you to learn how to plan, implement, manage and control the whole financial process. Students are able to express ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly in oral and written communication. Program goals describe the competencies, which every student should have obtained at the end of their studies at Pforzheim Business School.

The degree program is completed with a thfsis and oral examination. You can find the program goals and learning outcomes of the various study programs in the navigation bar. Find out more about our interesting study program. Students in cooperative education. Pre-study internship Not required. Internship To be completed in the 5th semester.


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Good English language skills are essential. Goal at degree program level Thesos have a sh background in their major field of study.

The rest of the time will be taken up with course specific modules. Non-native speakers must prove sufficient knowledge of German. Project Manager – Bosch. Coming from an engineering background, my transaction into the business world felt very natural because of the guidance, support and exposure I got from my MBA at Pforzheim University.

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Score for offers before studies – Score. If you are in search of information regarding the study program, you will find relevant information about the program content, structure, competencies, learning objectives and much more on these pages.

If you are curious about working with technical systems, and you are creativethen you will have fun as an bachslor. Goal at degree program level Students recognize ethical issues and conflicts, which can arise from their business activities and account for them accordingly.

If you are interested in tax issues, want to operate within the field of accounting and auditing, enjoy working in small teams, have the necessary creativity and the right approach, then this is the right program for you. Information for new students.

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Discover your interests in the study interest test in German. Electives and project work in signal processing, electronics, computer networks as well as measuring and control technology. Expert knowledge in the major field of study. Human Resources Management M. The general studies program will cover the following modules: Students have broad knowledge of theories and their practical application in order to understand business functions and processes. In addition, interdisciplinary qualifications like team work and presentation skills are being taught and strengthened.


Career profile and job opportunities. Students are able to develop business ethics strategies and apply them to typical business decision-making problems.

Even more interesting are the students who come from diverse backgrounds. Students are able to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to complex problems. Kontakt Alexandra Hagdorn Hz Study abroad programs are available. You will acquire a solid basic knowledge and specialised knowledge in your field. Working with colleagues from different countries and continents really helped to develop the creative thinking and enhanced problem-solving skills.

My studies have shown me that electrical engineering and information technology are even more versatile and exciting bachrlor I had assumed as a high school student.

Students are able to examine problems critically and solve practical problems with analytical competence. Contact DEM dem at hs-pforzheim dot de.

bachelor thesis hs pforzheim

Basic principles of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering sciences 3rd and 4th Semester:

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