The application form shall be duly endorsed by three HKIA fellows as nominators. Typical land sale conditions and Outline Zoning Plans The application form shall be duly endorsed by three HKIA fellows as nominators. Registration fee which is non-refundable under any circumstances is inclusive of the package fee. Construction Knowledge Geotechnic control, site formation, foundations and piling, construction safety, pollution control, noise control, site administration, protection of adjoining properties, site drainage, temporary works, demolition, etc. Sustainable design and environmental issues — Basic concepts Energy efficient building services systems and green building systems Sustainable construction and materials Renewable energy Solar access and site utilisation Indoor environmental quality, health, hygienic concerns Historical context in architecture Social values Green building accreditation and assessment schemes 3. As the representative office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in Japan, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Tokyo strives to promote closer economic and trade ties, understanding and cooperation, as well as cultural and tourism exchange between Hong Kong and Japan.

Log In Sign Up. How has the Architect contributed to the success? The qualifications and practical experience of applicants will be vetted by a committee, which shall be composed of the chairs of the Board of Educational Affairs, the Architects Registration Board and the panel in charge of assessment for non-local professionals, or other HKIA fellows designated by the BEdA. Practice Notes for Authorised Persons 4. Procedures for handling cases of plagiarism The subject panel Chair of Paper 8 shall report all cases of alleged plagiarism identified by the subject panel to the disciplinary committee, which shall be composed of the Chair of Professional Assessment Committee PAC and two HKIA members appointed by the PAC Chair, who are not on the Paper 8 subject panel. Violation of this rule may result in disqualification of the offender from the paper.

They are passionate about demonstrating their design ideas through various types of design competitions. The submission for Paper 6 is in the form of scaled hand drawings, to be illustrated professionally.


The submission must be typed and should not exceed one A4 page in length. This improved uptime directly translates into fewer delayed flights and greater customer satisfaction. Building additions and renovations – The ability to assess requirements and considerations to renovate or modify specjal existing building structure.

Office supervisors are expected to have a clear understanding of the structure and requirements of Professional Assessment, in particular the standards, knowledge and experience required and expected of a candidate, in order to pass the assessment.

Landlord and Tenant Consolidation Ordinance Cap.

hkia case study special topic

Handbook on Plumbing Installation tpoic Buildings In addition, the UPS power efficiency has increased from 90 percent to 96 percent, adding up to about 40, kWh of electricity saved annually. What did not work?

Hong Kong Airport Gets Uninterruptible Power — Huawei case studies – 菲娱国际_菲娱国际登陆_菲娱国际登陆下载

Item h is required if the candidate has not accumulated the minimum period of practical experience for Papers 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 when applying for Topc 3, 4 and 5.

Format Multiple-choice and essay questions, open-book paper Please refer to Appendix I and Appendix J for guidelines on open-book arrangement and declaration form Duration 4 hours Syllabus 1. This site uses cookies. The building design process in the context of different countries.

Duration Approximately 30 minutes, primarily in English and supplemented in Cantonese if necessary Syllabus 1. Candidates should be conversant with a good selection of the architectural magazines and journals, which are readily available and which discuss contemporary buildings in a theoretical, technical and illustrative manner.

hkia case study special topic

Case Study HKIA regards plagiarism as extremely serious misconduct unworthy of persons aspiring to join the architectural profession. Though the outlook of the high-rises seems repetitive, the stories behind are different. Candidates who receive zero mark in Paper 8: Candidates shall ensure that all loose answer sheets are securely attached to the answer books. What was hkla final result? Building Structures Paper 4: Connections – The identification and selection of details for the connection of various structural elements in the assembly of buildings.

Economics – Knowledge to relate the cost of structural systems, their materials, and methods of assembly and hkla to the design of buildings.


Hong Kong International Airport Essay

Construction Sites Safety Ordinance Cap. First attempt of fees for Papers 1 and 2, Professional Interview and lectures and seminar series are inclusive of the package fee. The Professional Interview will normally last for 30 minutes with the objectives of determining if the applicant has attained an acceptable standard in academic knowledge, local practical experience and professional competence required for HKIA membership and ARB registration.

Each individual scene is made up of specific material compositions, culture, and activity. Candidates should refer to the HKIA website for the latest list of permitted references.

Hong Kong Airport Gets Uninterruptible Power — Huawei case studies – 菲娱国际_菲娱国际登陆_菲娱国际登陆下载

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning 4. Violation may lead to the disqualification of the candidate from the Professional Assessment paper concerned.

Direct copying from any topkc case studies, project documents and related articles, unless proved necessary for specific purposes in the Case Study, is strictly forbidden. For the subsequent attempts of Professional Assessment Papers 1, 2 and Professional Interview and registration for lecture and seminars series, candidates have to pay according to the fee of these items.

Use cse project for future assessment Subject to consent of the project owner, hjia disciplined candidate may be permitted to reuse the same project for future submission after the penalty period has expired.

Building additions and renovations – The ability to assess requirements and considerations to renovate or modify an existing building structure. The following should be attached to the Case Study immediately after the front cover: Examples of possible subjects include:

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