Click here to sign up. Supporting Cognition and Communication at Conventions. A dynamic network approach to explain high and low performing teams. Opportunities and risks of groupdynamic processes]. Netzwerkforschung in der Kognitionswissenschaft – Kognitionswissenschaft als Netzwerkforschung [Network research in cognitive science – Cognitive science as network research].

Neue Organisationsformen in vernetzten Welten pp. It was hosted by Danube University Krems. Interview mit Lukas Zenk. Visual Knowledge Networks Analytics more. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. Network Economic and political development of rural space ECOnet. Methods and business applications for dynamic analyses are still a new, though promising field.

Situated organisational mapping [in german]. Work-related individual and organizational learning The results suggest that the translation sector is becoming increasingly differentiated — with obvious consequences both for teaching and the translation profession as a whole.

dissertation donau uni krems

Innovative technologies to support communicative processes as well as integrative event designs to enable participants to exchange their knowledge more efficiently. Konferenzen neu denken und gestalten more.

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Context assessment as a basis for appropriate support of individual and organizational learning more. Project lead at University Krems Funding: Innovation durch Improvisation more. The research project ViENA Visual Enterprise Network Analytics aims to develop and test a prototype hni of visual network analysis that will be capable to support organizational consulting services. Conferences, Coffee and Complexity.


These interconnected learning processes are situated in the organizational environment. Netzwerkforschung in der Kognitionswissenschaft – Kognitionswissenschaft als Netzwerkforschung [Network research in cognitive science eissertation Cognitive science as network research].

Ein Interview mit Dipl. In a second step, a Learning Despite its well-known potential for applied use in organizations, social network analysis seems to fail relevant business analytical requirements in the areas of organizational change and software usability for non-expert users like This guideline will be designed to permit a targeted analysis of organisations to identify the status quo in those areas crucial to the implementation of learning and knowledge transfer.

The data for this new field study was gathered by means of participatory observation.

Aiming on a genuinely dynamical framework for visual analysis and knowledge crystallization, radically new concepts and methods Visual Enterprise Network Analytics Dynamic network visualizations in organizations and development of software prototype Role: Dynamische Team-Netzwerke und Performance.

While these objectives are ranging high on a scientific and technological research agenda, a user-centred design and evaluation approach will ensure the practical dona and usability of the intended methods and concepts, which will be bundled and evaluated in form of a research prototype. Danube University Krems krrms the university for continuing education. Organisational analysis as important factor for optimization of workplace learning.


dissertation donau uni krems

Handbook of Human Centric Visualization. Visual analysis of dynamic networks using change centrality more. The dynamic and multi-relational nature of this data poses the challenge of understanding both its topological structure and how it changes over time.

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This integration of visual, interactive, and automatic methods supports the multi- faceted analysis of dynamically changing networks. Soziale Netzwerkanalyse in Organisationen. European Conference on Social Networks. This theoretical approach is evaluated using data from virtual teams in an experimental design. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Science, Elsevier, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, 4, Konzepte, Methoden, Erfahrungen S.

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Its courses are specifically oriented toward the needs of working professionals. Potentiality or overstated hype?

dissertation donau uni krems

First we summarize empirical studies concerning team networks and performance to point out the need of longitudinal investigations. We find a positive effect of global centrality dixsertation on individual satisfaction, while local centrality measures did not have a significant impact.

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