Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve. One major application of ANN in hydrology has been related to streamflow or rainfall forecasting [13, 14]. This is especially true, when high precision is required. The process of training a neural network involves tuning the values of the weights and biases of the network to optimize network performance. The number of validation checks represents the number of successive iterations that the validation performance fails.

The table of contents of the conference proceedings is generated automatically, so it can be incomplete, although all articles are available in the TIB. It plots training, validation and test performances. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Analysis of Results The sensitivity analysis has been carried out for different number of neurons and hidden layers and the results for parameter correlation coefficient R between observed value of runoff and predicted value of runoff is shown in Table 1. Networks can use the tan-sigmoid transfer function tansig.

It appears a case of the private interest winning over the public good and is. The rainfall is occurring only during monsoon season that is from month June to October. Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve. Regression plots were used to validate network performance [32]. Another problem faced during the application of FFBP is the local minima issue.

However, after 10 years of success this society faced disruption. Constructed inthe main purpose of the dam is irrigationpower generation and flood control. DSC through its experience of promoting PIM realised that tailend farmers in the canal irrigation system are deprived of their due share of water and at times they don’t get any water.


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Case study of dharoi dam

Available online at www. Dharoi Dam can also be reached from Poshina, which is located about 45 km away. Study reveals using excess toothpaste can put kids at risk of tooth decay; Table 1 HFL in relation to bridge levels in dhzroi case of a 4. The regression plot shows a regression between network dharli and network targets. The fastest training function is generally trainlm, and it is the default training function for feed forward network [31].

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Loading Unsubscribe from GujjuGeeks? Generally mathematical models known as rainfall-runoff models perform the evaluation of this process.

case study of dharoi dam

Mohani is a legendary irrigation cooperative that functioned exceptionally well for 10 years from its inception in Scientific Data Management Research Staff.

As well known the FFBP algorithm has some drawbacks. Singh, Kumar Akhilesh; J. The hydrologic data were available casse twenty- nine years at Dharoi station at Dharoi dam project.

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As number of hidden layer and neurons are set according to output accuracy required. Thus this study is an effort to ram benefits against the investment w.

The distinct advantage of an ANN is that it learns the previously unknown relationship existing between the input and the output data through a process of training, without a prior knowledge of the catchment characteristics [9]. The main characteristic of this type of model consists of establishing a stable relationship between input and output variables without accounting to the physical laws that govern the natural processes when rainfall is transformed into runoff.


Location of study area, Sabarmati river basin and Dharoi Watershed http: However, when the network begins to overfit the data, the error on the validation set typically begins to rise. Sgudy of Methodology Another factor, which is one of the most significant characteristics of ANN, is the number of neurons in the hidden layers.

Initially in nntoolbox numbers of neurons are taken as 10 and the weight are also considered by default according to input data. Release data from the Dharoi reservoir were available for seven events and these were used for modeling the intermediate catchment.

case study of dharoi dam

Also, this process is non-linear in nature and thus difficult to arrive at solutions. The system, therefore, needs continuous transfer functions in order to determine the output of neurons based on its input.

The training window appears by default. The farmers, through the Water User Associations WUAs registered as Irrigation Cooperatives in Gujarat, are involved in the planning of all functions transferred to them, including distribution of water. The dam was conceived to create additional irrigation potential, augment drinking

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